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The logo's fine lines depict the delicate nature of Thai artistry, while maintaining a standard right angle. The soft gold color is derived from the precious Thai craftsmanship of gold items, such as the Golden Throne, the Grand Palace, and the temples.

FINE is an English word that serves as an extension to various nouns, providing a detailed, exquisite, and valuable meaning.

We are a producer and conduit of high-quality craftsmanship art pieces from skilled artisans in Thailand, who are the backbone of the supply chain for high-end jewelry brands in the global market, using traditional craftsmanship techniques and tools.

Embracing the concept of Slow fashion, the designs are simple, durable, and versatile, suitable for various occasions and can be worn by individuals of diverse backgrounds, including the LGBT community.

GREATiny Collection

Natural Unheated Sapphire

With precious cutting of each facet & fully brilliance

by traditional handcraft

Handcrafts Small Dot Size

Around 700 dot per ring

(Low technology but High Technical)

Classic Design

Gold 18K without coating

real surface material

and natural diamond VVS grade 6 pcs; 0.03 carat

Values Offered

Certificate Gemstone cutting

A quality guarantee certificate for cutting gemstone, which displays the name of the skilled craftsmen, to ensure the concern of the manufacturing chain and to elevate the level of craftsmanship.

Certificate Gemologist

A certificate of basic information guaranteeing compliance with the principles of gemology, to provide confidence that the received jade meets scientific standards.

Provenance Proof Blockchain

The ultimate secure electronic data chain to provide information and create transparency from the source of gemstone & jewelry production to the consumers.

Inclusion Detective picture

Microscopic images of inclusions or impurities in high magnification, ranging from 30x to 50x, to indicate the uniqueness, authenticity, and natural characteristics of the gem without any enhancements.

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